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Vaginismus: We’re Saying the Quiet Part Out Loud

Vaginismus: We’re Saying the Quiet Part Out Loud

Vaginismus – extreme pain, burning, or tightness during intercourse.

Practicing body positivity isn’t easy for everyone – especially when our own parts revolt against us.

How Common Is Vaginismus?

Unexplained, excruciatingly painful sex is a reality for so many women.

Roughly 2 in 1,000 of them experience vaginismus, and we don’t talk about it enough. It can result from a variety of neurobiological factors, including sexual trauma. But the shame, silence, and stigma surrounding vaginismus often prevents sufferers from getting help.

Opening up to a compassionate sex therapist can help ease all that shame, while treating the condition itself too. Your journey to loving all your parts may not look the same as someone else’s, but we see you and we’re here for you all the same.

Busting Through Body Shame

Part of our mission is to give everyone an opportunity to care for their entire body with high quality nutrition, evidence-based formulas, and a whole lot of love. Whether you suffer from vaginismus, or just aren’t the most comfortable with your body, we want to be as supportive of you as possible – wherever you are in your journey.

If you’re looking for ways to start caring for your vaginal health, we recommend using topical hydrators and pH balancers as a way to get more familiar with your parts and how to care for them.

For more doctor-approved tips on starting your own body-love and acceptance journey, check out more of our blogs on vaginal health.

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Ovulation Pain: Is My Ovary Exploding or Is It a Cyst?

Ovulation Pain: Is My Ovary Exploding or Is It a Cyst?

Some abdominal cramps are seriously harsh, and though it’s normal to feel a twinge during ovulation, really serious pain is a sign that something isn’t right.

How Much Pain is “Normal” During Ovulation

If you’re one of the 30% of folks with ovaries who can feel themselves ovulate each month, you may notice that some cycles are more brutal than others. But if your ovulation cramps have you locked in the fetal position for hours, it’s time to call your doc.

You may be dealing with an ovarian cyst – which can sometimes require treatment or even removal. Repeatedly developing these cysts causes extreme stress on the body, and may even damage tissue.

So if you’re worried that your regular pains are beyond the pale, schedule an appointment with an OBGYN asap.

Oh, And Ovulation Can Affect Vaginal pH Too

Don’t be surprised if your vagina starts to feel itchy or dry in the middle of your monthly cycle. Just like your period The best way to prevent a vaginal infection from developing from the imbalance is to have a vaginal health routine already in place. Think of it like just another type of skin care.

Keeping a pH balancing essential oil fresher, like IntiMist, handy at all times can help you address the beginning of a pH imbalance from anywhere.

Want more straightforward information about your body? Check out our other blogs here

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In Your [Premenstrual] Feels: Moodiness and Your Monthly Cycle

In Your [Premenstrual] Feels: Moodiness and Your Monthly Cycle

Ugly crying during a sea turtle documentary a whole week before your period? No worries — that might be your hormones giving you some pre-menstrual emotional turbulence. Get yourself some chamomile tea and practice some extra selfcare

Pre-Menstrual Symptoms Can Start A full 7 Days Before Your Period

Feeling “off” before your period even starts is totally normal. Apparently, about 3 out of every 4 menstruating women experience some form of premenstrual moodiness, breast tenderness, food cravings, and fatigue.

For the most part, premenstrual symptoms don’t need major interventions in order to deal with them. Good nutrition, over-the-counter hormone-balancing products , and some R&R can cut you the break you need in the days leading up to your period.

Should your symptoms persist or become unbearable, you may need to check in with an OGBYN, though.

Premenstrual Symptoms and Your Vaginal pH

The hormonal shifts occurring the week before your period can also disrupt your vaginal pH (lucky you). To keep your natural flora happy and thriving down there, we recommend using a pH balancing daily vulva moisturizer

Not only does this particular formula keep your pH in check, it includes powerful herbs like Chaste Tree Berry and Dong Quai that help correct estrogen and progesterone imbalances. The closer you are to Whole Body Balance, the happier your body will be around your cycle.

Got questions? We’ve got answers. Hit up our Loyal Chat and we’ll shower you with even more vagina knowledge.

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Tips on How to Soothe Rough Periods

Tips on How to Soothe Rough Periods

As you age, hormones shift, and so might your period along with it. Medications, pregnancies, and poor diet can also impact your endocrine system, particularly the chemicals that trigger your monthly flow.

Top 3 Reasons Your Period Symptoms Might Worsen Over Time

  1. Starting or stopping oral birth control pills
  2. A recent IUD insertion or removal
  3. Environmental factors, such as stress, pregnancy, or exposure to hormone disrupting pollutants/chemicals

Experiencing more breast soreness or sharper cramps? A lack of specific nutrients may be making it difficult for your body to produce enough progesterone. Getting an increase in flow or heavy clots all the sudden? Check your makeup and skincare products for hormone disrupting ingredients.

Vaginal pH and Rough Periods

So in addition to picking up a heating pad, consider being proactive with your vaginal pH too, because periods are known to cause regular imbalances that can sometimes result in infection. (oh joy)

Using a pH balancing topical cream, a carefully formulated refresher mist, and a gentle antimicrobial suppository around your period can keep things stable. Pro Tip: Our Borioitic suppositories also include soothing aloe for any extra irritation your new, shittier period might bring. For more tips on loving all your parts with a Whole Body Balance approach, follow us @NutraBlast.
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Pro Tip: Stay Clean & Balanced On-the-Go with Intimist

Pro Tip: Stay Clean & Balanced On-the-Go with Intimist

Intimist – Your Portable Vaginal Health Refresher 

Pro Tip: Stay Clean & Balanced On-the-Go with Intimist 

Maintaining your vaginal health might sound tedious and time-consuming – but it doesn’t have to be.  

Intimist – Your Portable Vaginal Health Refresher  

6 AM Soul Cycle loyalists, burned-out grad students, and travel bloggers all have one in thing in common: a whole lot of running around. And they aren’t the only ones who struggle to find time for self-care. That’s just modern life for ya, which calls for a little more creativity in developing vaginal health products.  

In addition to our best-selling, vaginal infection-treating suppositories and whole body gut health supplements, we created a pH balancing vaginal health spray to meet the needs of extroverts and homebodies alike.

Enter: Intimist. She’s classy and sized to fit in any pack, briefcase, or purse. Most importantly, Intimist is formulated with natural, gentle ingredients that can soothe irritation, kill bacteria, and balance pH from just about anywhere. From the beach to the gym, to the office, Intimist can keep you feeling comfortable and refreshed at any point in your daily grind.

Intimist’s Natural Essential Oils Prevent Vaginal Infections, Balance pH, Soothe & Refresh 

The twelve, powerfully anti-fungal and antimicrobial essential oils that makeup Intimist, including neem, aloe vera, calendula, coconut, eucalyptus, elderberry, and tea tree, restore pH and calm itching and irritation on contact.  

That doesn’t mean anyone can DIY their own Intimist using essential oils from the drug store. When applied in the wrong ratios and formulations, especially potent oils like tea tree and eucalyptus can cause chemical burns on delicate vaginal tissues.  

Like all of our high-quality vaginal health products, Intimist uses clinically-backed formulations specifically for application inside and around the vagina, so that you get all of the benefits of our potent, plant-based ingredients and none of the side effects.

Want to know more about vaginas and their role in whole-body health? Subscribe to our Tips and Trends email list here, or reach out to a team member directly.  

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When Your Vaginal Health Needs an Extra Boost

When Your Vaginal Health Needs an Extra Boost

Where Traditional Yeast and Bacterial Vaginosis Treatments Fail 

How Boric Life Saves Vaginas

Step it Up: How Boriotic Saves Vaginas with 3 Natural Ingredients 

We’re not kidding when we say that boric acid has changed our lives – but we’ve still got a few more “holy grails” up our sleeve in Boriotic 

Where Traditional Yeast and Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) Treatments Fail  

Unfortunately, the traditional method of treating yeast overgrowths with azole-based products and prescriptions can result in the development of antifungal resistant infections. Likewise, a doctor’s visit and a pharmacy trip aren’t always enough to knock out BV, either.  

In reality, traditional antifungals and BV medications are often just a band-aid for a persistent vaginal pH and microbiome imbalance. When we don’t heal the root of the problem, vaginal infections just keep coming back. *sigh*  

That’s why we turned to boric acid to develop our best-selling Boric Life – because it not only kills the infection, it helps the vagina regain its healthy pH, which in turn promotes a better balance of vaginal flora. But that’s not all we the ammo we have in our vaginal health arsenal.  

The Boric Acid, Aloe Vera, & Prebiotics in Boriotic Heal Extra-Resistant Vaginal Infections 

For most folks, a week or 2 of Boric Life alone is enough to kill infection and re-establish long-term vaginal balance. 

However, not everyone is so lucky in life. Some conditions are more persistent than others and some bodies need more TLC than others, which is why we created Boriotic suppositories with an extra-potent combo of boric acid, aloe vera, and FOS prebiotics.  

While boric acid does its usual pH balancing, soothing aloe vera calms inflamed tissues, providing pain relief and protection from additional infection and bacteria exposure. FOS prebiotics then feeds naturally occurring healthy bacteria in the vagina, so that they can re-establish proper microbiome balance.  

When you’re stuck in a funk with a chronic yeast or BV infection, Boriotic has your back – and so do we. Feel free to reach out any time you need a little vaginal health guidance.

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Support Whole Body Balance with Feminine Balance Complex

Support Whole Body Balance with Feminine Balance Complex

Why Do We Care About Microbiomes, aka Healthy Bacteria  

How Feminine Balance Complex Keeps Your Body On Point 

Support Whole Body Balance with Feminine Balance Complex 

If you’re new to vaginal health, whole-body health, or even the concept of self-care, you might not be used to the idea that your body is naturally home to trillions of microorganisms. This body-wide bacterial community is known as your microbiome, and feeding it with Feminine Balance Complex supports whole-body wellness.  

Why Do We Care About Microbiomes, aka Healthy Bacteria 

Your microbiome is kind of a big deal. It keeps your immune system strong, your skin clear, your tummy calm, and your vagina happy. A depleted, unbalanced microbiome not only leaves us vulnerable to all kinds of illness, disease, and cancers, it can result in pH imbalances all over the body. 

Chronic pH imbalances often lead to recurring vaginal yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis (BV), or even an explosion of yeast in your gut, known as candidiasis. It helps to think of your microbiome as the foundation of your overall health. Without a healthy one, digestion is painful, acne is cystic, and your vagina is almost always on fire.  

How Feminine Balance Complex Keeps Your Body On Point 

We formulated Feminine Balance Complex with the same strains of healthy bacteria that naturally live all over and inside your body, known commonly as probiotics. Taking probiotics on a regular basis helps any depleted bacterial communities in your gut and vagina to repopulate.  

Unfortunately, with modern levels of sugar consumption and oral antibiotic use, taking a probiotic isn’t always enough to keep your microbiome happy. That’s why the Feminine Balance Complex also includes a potent cocktail of six natural yeast and bad bacteria killers. From oregano to wormwood, these plant-based antifungals and antimicrobials have been used for centuries to treat infections of all kinds.  

By killing off any yeast overgrowths in your system, your microbiome has a much better chance to rebalance itself naturally.  

Whether or not you’ve dealt with chronic indigestion and yeast infections your whole life, balancing your microbiome is a crucial step in the journey towards whole body balance. For more information on getting and staying healthy, get in touch with a team member here, or check out our blog.  

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Vaginal pH Testing Strips: Stop Guessing & Get Testing

Vaginal pH Testing Strips: Stop Guessing & Get Testing

Vaginal pH Testing Strips Let You Know What’s Up 

There are pH Testing Strips for Your Bum Too 

Vaginal pH Testing Strips: Stop Guessing & Get Testing 

Starting to feel that tell-tale itch, or a bit of dryness? It could be a simple pH imbalance, OR an actual vaginal condition, like a yeast infection or bacterial vaginosis. Instead of guestimating your next steps, take one of our pH testing strips for a test drive.  

Vaginal pH Testing Strips Let You Know What’s Up 

The vaginal environment is pretty sensitive and it doesn’t take much to throw it off. Things like everyday stress, having a sex life, and chilling in a wet swimsuit for too long can leave you feeling itchy, uncomfortable, and just off feeling.  

But your vaginal health doesn’t have to be a mystery. Vaginal pH testing strips can give you an idea of just how things really are. A healthy vagina is usually a little acidic and can have a pH anywhere between 3.8 and 4.5 

If your vagina is just too acidic or alkaline, you might need a topical pH balancing cream or refresher spray to return your vagina back to its happy place. If things are really off, well, then it’s a lot more likely that you have an actual infection, and you’re going to need a vaginal suppository to clear it up.  

There are pH Testing Strips for Your Bum Too 

Oh yeah. We’re dead serious. You might not realize it, but your bum needs some pH balancing too from time to time. It’s common for yeast infections and skin rashes to wreak havoc on your booty and rectal area, especially for those with compromised immune systems. Testing your rectal pH can help you figure out the source of your discomfort before you go on a panic trip to the drug store.  

To test your rectal pH, we recommend using our full-range intimate testing strips. They cover a wide enough pH range to test for both vaginal and rectal imbalances. And if it turns out that your bum has a genuine imbalance or infection, our gentle Tea Tree Suppositories have your back.  

For more straight-forward information on how to care for all your parts, get in touch with a team member here. 

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Double the Body Love with Tea Tree Suppositories

Double the Body Love with Tea Tree Suppositories

Double the Body Love with Tea Tree Suppositories 

At Nutrablast, we talk a lot about vaginal health, but the versatile ingredients we use are designed to support comprehensive, whole-body wellness. For example, our gentle, Tea Tree Suppositories cleanse the body of harmful bacteria and yeast in two different ways. 

Tea Tree Suppositories for Yeast Infections, Bacterial Vaginosis, and Vaginal Discomfort 

Tea tree oil, which comes from the Australian tea tree, is a potent antimicrobial, antifungal, and antibacterial essential oil. It’s frequently found in skincare products, shampoos, and even natural hand sanitizers to prevent acne, dandruff, and infections 

However, tea tree oil is not for the faint of heart. It’s a very strong substance and can cause irritation and chemical burns when used improperly. In order to capture its infection-killing properties without the side effects, we developed our doctor-formulated Tea Tree Suppositories 

They’re gentle, refreshing, and safe to use in treating yeast infections, BV, itching, dryness, inflammation, or an imbalance of vaginal pH.  

Tea Tree Suppositories Double as a Safe Rectal Health Cleanser  

Not everyone pays as much attention to their bums, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need some TLC from time to time. Our rectums can unfortunately experience different kinds of rashes, irritation, and infection – especially when our body’s microbiome is off balance.  

The potent tea tree oil used in NutraBlast’s Tea Tree Suppositories is also powerful enough to calm rectal irritation, infections, and inflammation. The convenient melts can be inserted either by finger or with a suppository applicator.  

As with any kind of health issue, it’s important to explore treatment options with the guidance of a medical professional. If you’re experiencing persistent systems of vaginal infection or rectal irritation, consult with a doctor.  

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Bye, bye Yeast Infections: Boric Life is Vaginal Health in a Bottle

Bye, bye Yeast Infections: Boric Life is Vaginal Health in a Bottle

Bye, bye Yeast Infections: Boric Life is Vaginal Health in a Bottle

Sometimes the simplest solution is the best one. When it comes to treating bacterial vaginosis (BV), yeast infections, and pH imbalances, the simpler the better for you and your busy schedule. This is why NutraBlast’s team formulated Boric Life with the help of gynecologists to kill vaginal infections without mess or stress.  

Simple, Natural Boric Acid is a Safe and Convenient Solution 

Boric Lifes single primary active ingredient is boric acid, a research-backed, naturally gentle and effective anti-fungalIn case you haven’t noticed, vaginas are pretty sensitive. When we overcomplicate vaginal infection treatments, we run the risk of activating an allergy, causing irritation, or overwhelming an already inflamed area. That’s why simple, transparent labels like ours are usually the safest when searching for over-the-counter vaginal infection treatment.  

Unlike messy at-home remedies, Boric Life’s simple-yet-effective formula is also conveniently contained in a once-daily capsule. They can be easily inserted via finger, or with a convenient applicator sold here 

Boric Acid Works Fast to Relieve Symptoms of a Vaginal Infection 

Another reason we love boric acid as a natural treatment for BV, yeast infections, and pH imbalances is because it also works fast. Boric Life delivers relief with a single day and can kick out a full-blown infection within seven days of use.  

Other over-the-counter solutions are commonly overused, leading to bigger problems down the road, such as anti-fungal resistant infections that require serious medical treatment. Using a Boric Life instead allows you to stay comfortable, healthy, and balanced without sacrificing healing time or convenience.  

If you haven’t already, try Boric Life for yourself. You and your vagina have nothing to lose but stress and unhealthy bacteria. Still, have questions? Don’t hesitate to give us a call. We’re always here with straight-forward answers to your burning questions – no pun intended.

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Cream Vaginal Applicators Are Little Life-Savers

Cream Vaginal Applicators Are Little Life-Savers

Photo by Dainis Graveris on SexualAlpha

Cream Vaginal Applicators are Perfect for Home Remedy Solutions

Vaginal Syringes Can Help Prevent Pregnancy Too

Part of our company mission includes serving as a resource for accessory products that improve vaginal care and comfort – because caring for infection shouldn’t create even more stress than you already have to deal with.

Here’s how our convenient vaginal applicators can make all the difference in your balance and recovery routine.

NutraBlast Cream Vaginal Applicators Are Perfect for Cream-Based Remedies

Though we can’t officially give out medical advice or endorse any particular home remedy for a vaginal infection, we know that plenty of women have a favorite naturally soothing and antifungal cocktail they like to use in addition to a Boric Acid regiment. However, home remedies can be goopy, messy, and inconvenient to use on a daily basis.

BUT, with a handy cream applicator, everything from healing, moisturizing Boric Acid cream products to plain Greek yogurt can be used to treat vaginal infections and pH imbalances simply and mess-free. The best part is, our applicators are individually wrapped, making them safe to carry on the go without taking the whole box with you.

Pro tip: Cream vaginal applicators, also known as vaginal syringes, can also be used to properly deposit contraceptive gel commonly used by folks who aren’t able to use hormonal birth control.

NutraBlast Vaginal Suppository Applicators Are Infection Life-Savers

Treating a yeast infection, pH imbalance, or a brutal case of bacterial vaginosis (BV) can still be a nightmare even with infection treatments that are somewhat easier to use than cream-based products or home remedies.

Simple, OBGYN-approved vaginal suppository applicators, like the ones we carry here, make treating an infection much easier and safer, especially while on the go. Though it’s certainly possible to insert an infection-killing vaginal suppository with a finger, doing so by hand puts us at risk for exposing the area to even more bacteria.

By contrast, our vaginal suppository applicators are hygienic and individually wrapped, just like our cream applicators, so that you can safely tuck one away in a book bag or purse. Using an applicator to deposit a healing suppository is also MUCH less messy – especially when an infection is producing a lot of uncomfortable discharge.

Whatever type of vaginal infection treatment you prefer, the right applicator can make all the difference for your health and your sanity. Both types of applicators provided by NutraBlast are manufactured with high-quality materials under strict guidelines in our state-of-the-art facilities, to give our customers peace of mind and optimal results.

For more information on caring for yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis, or a vaginal pH imbalance, feel free to contact us at any time. We’re here to support your journey.



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