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NutraBlast IntimateC Vaginal Odor Suppositories w/ 250mg Ascorbic Acid


Product Information

Feeling imbalanced is often normal and completely treatable. You shouldn’t have to live with vaginal odor or discomfort, thinking you can’t do anything about it. Get the support you need with Nutrablast’s IntimateC vaginal suppositories!

These supercharged Vitamin C tablets are fragrance-free and time-released. They support a balanced vaginal pH while relieving odor and discomfort. IntimateC uses Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C), which plays a vital role in maintaining low vaginal pH values and enhances healing processes in the vaginal ecosystem.**
These are tablets, so they don't melt or leak. They will slowly distribute all ingredients evenly. No odor, no mess!
  • Gynecologist-developed, clinically tested, slow-release Vitamin C promotes healthy pH balance and controls odor.
  • Each tablet suppository contains 250mg ascorbic acid (Vitamin C), coated with vegetable cellulose.
  • May be used after sex and after your period for pH maintenance and to control odor.
  • Insert one tablet vaginally for 7 nights. Do not use it in case of yeast infection or while on your period.
  • Included: 7 vaginal tablets, 1 reusable applicator, detailed instructions