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Disposable Vaginal Suppository Applicators (15-Pack)

$19.95 $13.99



Like A True Lady!

Here’s How You Can Apply Your Vaginal Suppository Like A True Lady! Why settle for cheaply-made boric acid suppository applicators, when you can finally have the most gentle, healthiest and safest way to apply your vaginal treatment? If you’re struggling with yeast infections, dryness or vaginitis, the NutraBlast vaginal suppository inserter is here to make your life easier and healthier! Instead of making a huge mess, now you can apply your suppository effortlessly!

NutraBlast Means Health! We rigorously test every single NutraBlast product to ensure its healthy and safe design. Our products are produced in our state-of-the-art facilities right here in the USA under the strictest hygiene and safety guidelines. Rest assured that choosing NutraBlast means choosing health! Treating Your Vaginal Infections Has Never Been Easier Or Safer!

• Say No To Bacteria & Germs - Why use your fingers, when you can easily insert any suppository using our clean, safe and hygienic applicator?

• Every Woman Will Love It – We have made sure that our boric acid suppository inserter can be easily used by any woman, teens, adults or even seniors!

• Never Use The Same Applicator – Our premium vaginal suppository inserters are individually wrapped, to make sure that they are sterile, safe and ready to use! An Open Letter To Every Woman!

Now you don’t have to struggle to use your vaginal suppository. Even if you have never done that before, the NutraBlast boric acid suppository applicator will help you make the process as painless, gentle and efficient as possible. Regain your lost confidence, feel better and combat vaginal infection with our vaginal suppository applicator!

An Open Letter To Every Woman!

• APPLY ANY VAGINAL SUPPOSITORY EFFORTLESSLY with the NutraBlast pure boric acid reusable vaginal suppositories applicator, which is designed to make every woman’s intimate life easier. The universal medical design will fit almost all disposable vaginal suppositories and provide safety and peace of mind.

• WHY RISK ANY INFECTIONS OR SIDE EFFECTS? Now you can easily insert any vaginal suppository by using our healthy and hygienic intravaginal suppository applicator. This gentle vaginal inserter will maximize the moisturizing process if you are suffering from dryness, vaginosis, etc.

• EVERY WOMAN’S LITTLE HEALTH SECRET! Perfect for women who are suffering from yeast infections, unbalanced pH, bacteriosis, vaginitis, hemorrhoids or vaginal dryness, the NutraBlast efficient and gentle vaginal suppository applicator is your clear choice!

• 100% SATISFACTION OR YOUR MONEY BACK! We are so confident that our USA-made feminine vaginal boric acid suppository applicator will help you combat infections and irritations, that we back it with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not 100% thrilled with its design and performance, we’ll offer you a full refund!

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NutraBlast Disposable Suppositories Applicators  Supplement Facts

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NutraBlast Disposable Suppositories Applicators  Supplement Facts

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