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NutraBlast Balance Shield Panty Liners - Discharge & Odor-Proof Layers


Product Information

UNIQUELY DESIGNED: Meet the first pH balancing panty liner of its kind! Reduce odor, irritation and discomfort while staying comfortable and dry from unwanted leakage. Our liners pair perfectly when using any vaginal suppositories. They catch excess discharge and moisture caused by suppository use so you stay leak free and comfortable during treatment.

ODOR REDUCING pH BALANCING CORE: Unwanted discharge and spotting causes pH levels to rise which leads to odors, irritation and discomfort. Each liner includes a pH balancing charcoal-infused bamboo layer, perfect for maintaining a healthy and balanced vaginal environment.

100% CERTIFIED ORGANIC COTTON TOP SHEET: Made with certified organic cotton, bamboo charcoal chip core, pH balancing negative anion chip core, polypropylene breathable, overnight leak-proof back-sheet, and a non-toxic adhesive.

24/7 PROTECTION & COMFORT: Our women’s panty liners are designed to absorb discharge and spotting. Perfect for the light days of your period, postpartum leakage, or simply can be used for long- lasting everyday protection.