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Nutrablast Feminine pH Test Strips Full Range (1-14) Monitory pH Balance


Product Information

Discover The Accurate, Fast & Hassle-Free Way To Keep Track of your Vaginal pH Levels! Looking for a feminine pH balance test kit that will help you keep tabs on your vaginal acidity and alkalinity levels? Want to save your time, effort and money? Need a set of accurate and practical intimate feminine test strips? Introducing the Nutrablast Premium Intimate Feminine pH balance Test Strips for Women! Now you don’t have to leave your home, drive for hours in traffic, sit in a waiting room and spend a small fortune on vaginal pH lab tests. You can finally monitor your intimate area pH levels from the comfort of your bathroom with our vaginal pH balance test strips! Why Choose The Nutrablast pH Balance Testing Strips? - The #1 Intimate Feminine pH Strips - Easy-to-Read Color Chart Ultra-Sensitive pH Balance Testing Strips - Accurate & Fast Results (pH 1 - 14) - Hassle-Free Vaginal pH Testing Monitor & Prevent Potentially Dangerous Infections in Just a Few Seconds! If you are suffering from itching, burning, unpleasant odor or infections, then you can easily find the cause of the problem by testing your vagina’s pH levels. Unbalanced pH levels can cause some serious issues, including various painful infections. When it comes to your vaginal hygiene and overall health... TEST, DON’T GUESS! Don’t Forget Our Promise! If you are not 100% satisfied with your acidity indicators kit, just return your product for a full refund! INSTRUCTIONS: 1. DIP PAPER INTO SOLUTION BEING TESTED. 2. SHAKE OFF EXCESS FLUID. 3. IMMEDIATELY COMPARE TO COLOR CHART PLEASE NOTE: IF THE TEST STRIP COLOR DOES NOT MATCH ANY COLOR ON THE COLOR CHART, THAT IS AN INDICATION OF ABNORMAL PH LEVEL. WE RECOMMEND THE USE OF OUR NUTRABLAST BORIC ACID VAGINAL SUPPOSITORIES TO BALANCE YOUR INTIMATE PH LEVEL.