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NutraBlast So Fresh & Clean Vaginal Wash with Boric Acid (10 fl oz)


Product Information

  • Balancing Vaginal Wash - Our cleanser contains boric acid which helps gently promote a balanced vaginal environment and helps you stay protected against bad bacteria, yeast, and odors.

  • Gently Soothing - Our comforting intimate wash with boric acid balances your natural pH range and gently removes odor-causing bacteria.   Lavender and chamomile essential oils support your natural microbiome and leave you feeling fresh and clean for hours. 

  • Safe and Gentle Daily Wash - So Fresh & Clean is a daily wash for vaginas in need of some extra TLC. This gentle, calming wash cleanses and hydrates sensitive vulvas without stripping you of the good stuff.   Our bodies are amazing and deserve the best!

  • Feel Cared For - We make knowing your body easy & loving your parts the norm -- ALL with 100% pure ingredients. Our unique formula is designed by doctors. Above all, So Fresh & Clean seeks to normalize how we view our bodies as something to be celebrated and cared for.

  • LEGAL DISCLAIMER - These statements have NOT been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any of the following conditions, contagious diseases, treatments, or infections: Bacterial vaginosis treatment, bv treatment, bacterial infection treatment, bacteriosis treatment, fertility treatment.