Can You REALLY Naturally Treat Yeast Infections?
Can You REALLY Naturally Treat Yeast Infections?

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Yeast infections are those pesky, irritating infections that occur in locations where the body's natural yeast is stored. They're caused by the overgrowth of this natural yeast (Candida) which then invades the surrounding tissues creating symptoms such as redness, swelling, itching, burning, white residue or discharge.

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If you have a vagina, then...

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Vaginal pH? What’s Healthy & What’s Not

Healthy Vaginas are Naturally a Little Acidic

Why? Because an acidic environment helps kill unhealthy bacteria and protects you from infection. If things are feeling a little “off,” it’s probably because your pH has gone a bit neutral to alkaline.

To stay comfy and healthy, shoot for a...

Yeast Infection treatment
Yeast Infection treatment

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