What Your Vagina is Trying to Tell You
What Your Vagina is Trying to Tell You

Posted by Gus Novaes on May 23 in

Let's face it, the vagina speaks it's own unique language, and it's up to us women to be in tune with what it's trying to tell us. 

Your vagina is such a key center point for your body as a female, that it can, at times, be the first place where you experience symptoms of a larger ailment. Because it's it's...

The Color Code of the Vagina
The Color Code of the Vagina

Posted by Gus Novaes on May 22 in

It's no secret that vaginas come in all different shapes, colors, and scents. One single vagina can have a different color and fragrance as the day goes on- that's how incredibly adaptable they are to the current state of your body!

Because the vagina has billions of micro-organisms living within one, perfectly regulated environment- a single disruption can have your vagina sending...

vaginal infections
Vaginal Infections: You're Not Alone, So Let's Talk

Posted by Gus Novaes on May 21 in

Being a woman is pretty much like being in a secret society where we can all relate to, and groan about, certain things associated with being a woman. Our common wins and woes connect us and provide comfort knowing we're not alone.vaginal infections

Having conversations about pregnancy, pregnancy symptoms, periods, sex, feminine hygiene and other areas that...

causes of yeast infections
Top 10 Causes of Yeast Infections

Posted by Gus Novaes on May 20 in

We've all had them and they're awful. That uncomfortable itch, the discharge, the self-conscious feeling that accompanies them- oh yes, we're talking about the dreaded yeast infection. Sadly, it's just one of the burdens of having a vagina. causes of yeast infections

While some people have them more than others, we can all give the "yup, same" nod...

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