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NutraBlast Pomegranate Herb Powder 500Mg Supplement - Antioxidant, Supports Immune, and Cardiovascular Health - Made in USA (60 Capsules)

$43.99 $12.99


NutraBlast Pomegranate - 60 count The Magic of Pomegranates While each fruit has its benefits, there's nothing quite like the pomegranate. They contain an astounding amount of nutrients for a single piece of food and contain key fatty acids that your body requires in order to get to peak physical fitness. It's also anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, making it effective for fighting a wide variety of conditions when incorporated into a regular diet. Most notably, these tablets provide the body with important antioxidants, and they also contain molecules that help to lower blood pressure. Additionally, the nutrients which these provide keep the body healthy and happy. Supports healthy aging by providing necessary nutrients Bottles come with 60 tablets in each. Pomegranates are a known superfood, and now you can enjoy all the benefits of this unique fruit in tablet form.


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