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NutraBlast Milk Thistle Complex 450Mg Herb Powder & Extract - Supports Low Cholesterol, Detox & Cleanse, Liver Cells, and Heart Health - Made in USA (60 Coated Tablet)

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UPC: 644766065950


Milk Thistle Complex 450mg

What is Milk Thistle Complex?

Milk thistle complex is the result of a combination of several key herbal supplements along with milk thistle itself. The main component is a daisy-like plant that offers those who know how to use it astounding health bonuses thanks to the present Silymarin.

What Does it Do?

The main benefit of these herbal formulations is their ability to support a healthy liver. This not only supports an already healthy liver but may also help with unwanted side effects from toxins introduced through alcohol, pollution, and liver-related diseases.

  • Bottles come with 60 tablets of 450mg each
  • Milk thistle has an uncanny ability to support the liver and body from a huge scope of issues
  • Supports digestion



NutraBlast Instructions

NutraBlast Milk Thistle Supplement Facts

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