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NutraBlast Hair Vitamins Biotin 5000Mcg - Gluten Free - Supports Energy Production, Hair, Skin, and Strong Nails - Made in USA (Strawberry Gummies)

$66.99 $11.87
UPC: 644766060016


A Single Tasty Strawberry Gummy Per Day Keeps B7 Deficiency Away! While biotin deficiency is not as common as it used to be, its symptoms are still very unpleasant and include brittle and thin fingernails, hair loss, dermatitis and even neurological symptoms such as depression, lethargy and more.
Hopefully, these biotin nutritional supplement gummies are absolutely safe, have no side effects and have a great strawberry taste! So What Are You Waiting For?

Are you a hair loss women? Looking for hair loss products? or looking for hair loss supplement? or hair loss vitamins? This is the best product for hair loss for women. This biotin 5000 mcg for hair growth is the best hair loss vitamins. When you use biotin hair vitamins you will get hair vitamins. This is one of the greatest hair growth products: Biotin Hair Loss. Looking for hair growth vitamins because you are experiencing women hair loss. This biotin hair growth products for women are the best vitamins for hair loss, biotin vitamins hair growth are the best one, biotin is also a great hair skin and nails vitamins. This biotin 5000 mcg is the best biotin for hair growth. You are probably looking for healthy hair vitamins, look no further this is the best hair loss vitamins. You can get this vitamin hair growth for you now. For sure you will love this biotin for hair loss that contains vitamins hair growth. Look like stars and get this biotin supplements, get it now this is an exclusive hair vitamin for women.

Has your hair started thinning lately? Have your nails started to become more brittle and fragile? Have you noticed changes to your skin's color and texture?


If so, are you sure you're not suffering from biotin deficiency? Would you like to try a perfectly safe nutritional supplement that will strengthen your hair and nails and raise your energy levels? You're in luck! NutraBlast may just have the perfect product for you! Afford Yourself The Revitalizing Benefits Of Vitamin H, also known as vitamin B7 and biotin, is a nutrient your body needs to metabolize carbohydrates, fats, and amino acids, the building blocks of protein.

That's why biotin is essential for healthy skin, hair, eyes and liver. Vitamin B7 is, however, water soluble, so it cannot be stored in the body. By making sure your vitamin B7 levels do not fall below the normal level, you can prevent yourself from feeling weak and tired due to your metabolism becoming slower.

Biotin is also critically important for normal embryonic growth - that's why it's crucial for women to ensure that do not suffer from biotin deficiency during pregnancy.



Do Not Exceed Recommended Dose. Pregnant Or Nursing Mothers, Children Under 18, And Individuals With A Known Medical Condition Should Consult A Physician Before Using This Or Any Dietary Supplement. This Product Is Manufactured And Packaged In A Facility Which May Also Process Milk, Soy, Wheat, Egg, Peanuts, Tree Nuts, Fish And Crustacean Shellfish


2 gummies daily as a dietary supplement, or as directed by a healthcare professional. Do not exceed 3 gummies daily


1. Question:

Is this made in usa


Answer: It sure is! At an FDA inspected facility. 

2. Question:

Is it safe? In description it says “Hopefully, this nutritional gummie supplement is safe....” ??? Hopefully??

Answer: Have no idea as to the safety of the gummie vitamin Been taking it about three weeks 
Health appears to be unchanged as are my hair, nails and skin. I had not noticed the Hopefully safe in the description. 


Does this make your hair grow faster?

Answer: I can't say that it has made my hair grow faster... My hair has always grown super fast but my hair is significantly healthier, shinier and stronger. I have also noticed an incredible amount of strength gained in my nails. My overall hair, skin and nail health has absolutely improved. I definitely recommend this produ.

4. Question:

Has anyone noticed a positive change in their skin using these vitamins?

Answer: Yes. My skin is softer. My hands are not severely dried out and my hair grows fast. 
Less breakage. No cracked nails. 
Have been taking these for about a year. 

5. Question:

Does this work for black people?

Answer: HI, Thanks for your interest on our items. 
For sure. Our product is for everyone!

6. Question: 

Is this for women only?

Answer: HI, Thanks for your interest on our items. 
No, this is for both Men and Women.