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Vagisoft: Say Goodbye to Vaginal Irritation & Razor Burn

Vagisoft: Say Goodbye to Vaginal Irritation & Razor Burn

Why Does Anyone Need a Lotion for Their Vagina? 

pH Balancing Vagisoft Does More Than Keep You Comfortable  

Vagisoft: Say Goodbye to Vaginal Irritation & Razor Burn  

The bikini area is an infamous source of irritation, bumps, redness, and dry skin – especially post-hair removalSometimes that discomfort migrates North a little into delicate internal areas too – and it sucks. But there also happens to be a pH balancing cream for all that, so you don’t have to keep putting up with the discomfort. 

Hold Up. Do We Really Need a Lotion for Our Vaginas? 

Yes – regardless of whether or not you shave or indulge in a regular Brazilian wax.  

Your skin’s moisture barrier, which you help maintain by drinking water and using moisturizers, protects the skin from damage, infection, and irritation. Both your vagina and your vulva, aka the labia around your vagina, is extra sensitive and therefore needs even more protection, love, and care than other parts of your body.  

This is one of the reasons that a particular area is so prone to redness, irritation, itch, razor burningrown hairs, etc. Especially during and after hair removal.  

As we age, the skin around our vaginas and vulvas gets drier, just like the skin all over the rest of our bodies. This can make irritation and discomfort worse, even for folks who are lucky enough to not know what razor burn all over your crotch feels like.

pH Balancing Vagisoft Does More Than Keep You Comfortable 

There are plenty of vagina lotions already out there in the wild, but most “feminine hygiene” products are intended to make you smell like your mother’s favorite scented candle instead of actually protecting and balancing your body. This scent-forward vaginal hydration can also throw off pH and worsen irritation. Thanks, Patriarchy.

When we created Vagisoft, we decided to change that. Like every vaginal health product we offer, Vagisoft balances pH with natural plant-based ingredients. It also deeply hydrates delicate vaginal tissues inside and out. Yes, you heard that right. Vagisoft doubles as an internal vaginal lubricant that heals as much as it hydrates.  

We also included clinically-backed herbs like dong quai and chaste tree berry extract to help maintain hormonal balance, which can play a role in combatting vaginal dryness as we age.  

Even if “staying lubricated” has never been a personal concern of yours, the honey, Vitamin E, and aloe vera in Vagisoft also works to clear up acne, redness, and irritation without throwing off your vaginal pH or causing even more vaginal discomfort. Pretty sweet, huh? 

For more information on staying keeping all your parts calm, clear, and hydrated, reach out to one of our team members here