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Vaginismus: We’re Saying the Quiet Part Out Loud

Vaginismus: We’re Saying the Quiet Part Out Loud

Vaginismus – extreme pain, burning, or tightness during intercourse.

Practicing body positivity isn’t easy for everyone – especially when our own parts revolt against us.

How Common Is Vaginismus?

Unexplained, excruciatingly painful sex is a reality for so many women.

Roughly 2 in 1,000 of them experience vaginismus, and we don’t talk about it enough. It can result from a variety of neurobiological factors, including sexual trauma. But the shame, silence, and stigma surrounding vaginismus often prevents sufferers from getting help.

Opening up to a compassionate sex therapist can help ease all that shame, while treating the condition itself too. Your journey to loving all your parts may not look the same as someone else’s, but we see you and we’re here for you all the same.

Busting Through Body Shame

Part of our mission is to give everyone an opportunity to care for their entire body with high quality nutrition, evidence-based formulas, and a whole lot of love. Whether you suffer from vaginismus, or just aren’t the most comfortable with your body, we want to be as supportive of you as possible – wherever you are in your journey.

If you’re looking for ways to start caring for your vaginal health, we recommend using topical hydrators and pH balancers as a way to get more familiar with your parts and how to care for them.

For more doctor-approved tips on starting your own body-love and acceptance journey, check out more of our blogs on vaginal health.