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Tips on How to Soothe Rough Periods

Tips on How to Soothe Rough Periods

As you age, hormones shift, and so might your period along with it. Medications, pregnancies, and poor diet can also impact your endocrine system, particularly the chemicals that trigger your monthly flow.

Top 3 Reasons Your Period Symptoms Might Worsen Over Time

  1. Starting or stopping oral birth control pills
  2. A recent IUD insertion or removal
  3. Environmental factors, such as stress, pregnancy, or exposure to hormone disrupting pollutants/chemicals

Experiencing more breast soreness or sharper cramps? A lack of specific nutrients may be making it difficult for your body to produce enough progesterone. Getting an increase in flow or heavy clots all the sudden? Check your makeup and skincare products for hormone disrupting ingredients.

Vaginal pH and Rough Periods

So in addition to picking up a heating pad, consider being proactive with your vaginal pH too, because periods are known to cause regular imbalances that can sometimes result in infection. (oh joy)

Using a pH balancing topical cream, a carefully formulated refresher mist, and a gentle antimicrobial suppository around your period can keep things stable. Pro Tip: Our Borioitic suppositories also include soothing aloe for any extra irritation your new, shittier period might bring. For more tips on loving all your parts with a Whole Body Balance approach, follow us @NutraBlast.