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Ovulation Pain: Is My Ovary Exploding or Is It a Cyst?

Ovulation Pain: Is My Ovary Exploding or Is It a Cyst?

Some abdominal cramps are seriously harsh, and though it’s normal to feel a twinge during ovulation, really serious pain is a sign that something isn’t right.

How Much Pain is “Normal” During Ovulation

If you’re one of the 30% of folks with ovaries who can feel themselves ovulate each month, you may notice that some cycles are more brutal than others. But if your ovulation cramps have you locked in the fetal position for hours, it’s time to call your doc.

You may be dealing with an ovarian cyst – which can sometimes require treatment or even removal. Repeatedly developing these cysts causes extreme stress on the body, and may even damage tissue.

So if you’re worried that your regular pains are beyond the pale, schedule an appointment with an OBGYN asap.

Oh, And Ovulation Can Affect Vaginal pH Too

Don’t be surprised if your vagina starts to feel itchy or dry in the middle of your monthly cycle. Just like your period The best way to prevent a vaginal infection from developing from the imbalance is to have a vaginal health routine already in place. Think of it like just another type of skin care.

Keeping a pH balancing essential oil fresher, like IntiMist, handy at all times can help you address the beginning of a pH imbalance from anywhere.

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