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Support Whole Body Balance with Feminine Balance Complex

Support Whole Body Balance with Feminine Balance Complex

Why Do We Care About Microbiomes, aka Healthy Bacteria  

How Feminine Balance Complex Keeps Your Body On Point 

Support Whole Body Balance with Feminine Balance Complex 

If you’re new to vaginal health, whole-body health, or even the concept of self-care, you might not be used to the idea that your body is naturally home to trillions of microorganisms. This body-wide bacterial community is known as your microbiome, and feeding it with Feminine Balance Complex supports whole-body wellness.  

Why Do We Care About Microbiomes, aka Healthy Bacteria 

Your microbiome is kind of a big deal. It keeps your immune system strong, your skin clear, your tummy calm, and your vagina happy. A depleted, unbalanced microbiome not only leaves us vulnerable to all kinds of illness, disease, and cancers, it can result in pH imbalances all over the body. 

Chronic pH imbalances often lead to recurring vaginal yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis (BV), or even an explosion of yeast in your gut, known as candidiasis. It helps to think of your microbiome as the foundation of your overall health. Without a healthy one, digestion is painful, acne is cystic, and your vagina is almost always on fire.  

How Feminine Balance Complex Keeps Your Body On Point 

We formulated Feminine Balance Complex with the same strains of healthy bacteria that naturally live all over and inside your body, known commonly as probiotics. Taking probiotics on a regular basis helps any depleted bacterial communities in your gut and vagina to repopulate.  

Unfortunately, with modern levels of sugar consumption and oral antibiotic use, taking a probiotic isn’t always enough to keep your microbiome happy. That’s why the Feminine Balance Complex also includes a potent cocktail of six natural yeast and bad bacteria killers. From oregano to wormwood, these plant-based antifungals and antimicrobials have been used for centuries to treat infections of all kinds.  

By killing off any yeast overgrowths in your system, your microbiome has a much better chance to rebalance itself naturally.  

Whether or not you’ve dealt with chronic indigestion and yeast infections your whole life, balancing your microbiome is a crucial step in the journey towards whole body balance. For more information on getting and staying healthy, get in touch with a team member here, or check out our blog.  

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