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Pro Tip: Stay Clean & Balanced On-the-Go with Intimist

Pro Tip: Stay Clean & Balanced On-the-Go with Intimist

Intimist – Your Portable Vaginal Health Refresher 

Pro Tip: Stay Clean & Balanced On-the-Go with Intimist 

Maintaining your vaginal health might sound tedious and time-consuming – but it doesn’t have to be.  

Intimist – Your Portable Vaginal Health Refresher  

6 AM Soul Cycle loyalists, burned-out grad students, and travel bloggers all have one in thing in common: a whole lot of running around. And they aren’t the only ones who struggle to find time for self-care. That’s just modern life for ya, which calls for a little more creativity in developing vaginal health products.  

In addition to our best-selling, vaginal infection-treating suppositories and whole body gut health supplements, we created a pH balancing vaginal health spray to meet the needs of extroverts and homebodies alike.

Enter: Intimist. She’s classy and sized to fit in any pack, briefcase, or purse. Most importantly, Intimist is formulated with natural, gentle ingredients that can soothe irritation, kill bacteria, and balance pH from just about anywhere. From the beach to the gym, to the office, Intimist can keep you feeling comfortable and refreshed at any point in your daily grind.

Intimist’s Natural Essential Oils Prevent Vaginal Infections, Balance pH, Soothe & Refresh 

The twelve, powerfully anti-fungal and antimicrobial essential oils that makeup Intimist, including neem, aloe vera, calendula, coconut, eucalyptus, elderberry, and tea tree, restore pH and calm itching and irritation on contact.  

That doesn’t mean anyone can DIY their own Intimist using essential oils from the drug store. When applied in the wrong ratios and formulations, especially potent oils like tea tree and eucalyptus can cause chemical burns on delicate vaginal tissues.  

Like all of our high-quality vaginal health products, Intimist uses clinically-backed formulations specifically for application inside and around the vagina, so that you get all of the benefits of our potent, plant-based ingredients and none of the side effects.

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