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Cream Vaginal Applicators Are Little Life-Savers

Cream Vaginal Applicators Are Little Life-Savers

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Cream Vaginal Applicators are Perfect for Home Remedy Solutions

Vaginal Syringes Can Help Prevent Pregnancy Too

Part of our company mission includes serving as a resource for accessory products that improve vaginal care and comfort – because caring for infection shouldn’t create even more stress than you already have to deal with.

Here’s how our convenient vaginal applicators can make all the difference in your balance and recovery routine.

NutraBlast Cream Vaginal Applicators Are Perfect for Cream-Based Remedies

Though we can’t officially give out medical advice or endorse any particular home remedy for a vaginal infection, we know that plenty of women have a favorite naturally soothing and antifungal cocktail they like to use in addition to a Boric Acid regiment. However, home remedies can be goopy, messy, and inconvenient to use on a daily basis.

BUT, with a handy cream applicator, everything from healing, moisturizing Boric Acid cream products to plain Greek yogurt can be used to treat vaginal infections and pH imbalances simply and mess-free. The best part is, our applicators are individually wrapped, making them safe to carry on the go without taking the whole box with you.

Pro tip: Cream vaginal applicators, also known as vaginal syringes, can also be used to properly deposit contraceptive gel commonly used by folks who aren’t able to use hormonal birth control.

NutraBlast Vaginal Suppository Applicators Are Infection Life-Savers

Treating a yeast infection, pH imbalance, or a brutal case of bacterial vaginosis (BV) can still be a nightmare even with infection treatments that are somewhat easier to use than cream-based products or home remedies.

Simple, OBGYN-approved vaginal suppository applicators, like the ones we carry here, make treating an infection much easier and safer, especially while on the go. Though it’s certainly possible to insert an infection-killing vaginal suppository with a finger, doing so by hand puts us at risk for exposing the area to even more bacteria.

By contrast, our vaginal suppository applicators are hygienic and individually wrapped, just like our cream applicators, so that you can safely tuck one away in a book bag or purse. Using an applicator to deposit a healing suppository is also MUCH less messy – especially when an infection is producing a lot of uncomfortable discharge.

Whatever type of vaginal infection treatment you prefer, the right applicator can make all the difference for your health and your sanity. Both types of applicators provided by NutraBlast are manufactured with high-quality materials under strict guidelines in our state-of-the-art facilities, to give our customers peace of mind and optimal results.

For more information on caring for yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis, or a vaginal pH imbalance, feel free to contact us at any time. We’re here to support your journey.