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Why Anti - Fungal Resistance Shouldn’t Be a Thing

Why Anti - Fungal Resistance Shouldn’t Be a Thing

Why Your Relationship with Monistat Could Be Unhealthy

Vaginal Health Products that Prevent Monistat Overuse

Anti-Fungal Resistance is Causing Yeast Infections from Hell

And here’s what you can do about it.

This is one of those times that our tendency not talk about vaginas and periods and menopause results in serious health consequences. The lack of basic vaginal health products on drug store shelves combined with wide-spread cultural shame about our bodies – and feminine bodies in particular – has resulted in massive overuse of traditional yeast-killers 

Why it Might Be Time to Breakup with Monistat 

Not every itchy moment is the start of a full-blown yeast infection – but the average person doesn’t always know that. Reaching too soon for traditional yeast-killing azoles, found in Monistat or prescription Fluconazole, can result in the development of an anti-fungal resistant infection. 

If the idea of a never-ending yeast infection isn’t awful enough, scientists are warning that rising anti-fungal resistance is as potentially nightmarish as the “antibiotic apocalypse”. So how do we deal with vaginal discomfort without harming ourselves in the long-run?

Vaginal Health Products that Prevent Monistat Overuse

Typical vaginal itchiness, dryness, unusual discharge, or fishy smell is often the result of a simple pH balance, which doesn’t need a high-powered yeast-killer in order to be corrected. To bring your vagina back to its happy place, look for gentler pH balancing products containing natural boric acid, such as our Boric Life Vaginal Suppositories found here

Boric acid is safe enough to be used on a regular basis to maintain proper pH and it won’t contribute to the risk of anti-fungal resistance. 

Save potent antifungals for more serious infections and don’t hesitate to reach out to a doctor if your symptoms don’t clear up. 

Still, have questions? Well, we’ve got answers. For straightforward, shame-free vaginal health tips and info, chat with the Loyal team here. 

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