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What is the Relationship Between Boric Acid Suppositories and BV?

What is the Relationship Between Boric Acid Suppositories and BV?

Your vaginal flora consists of good and harmful bacteria that live in a delicate balance within the moist and warm environment of your vagina. If this harmonious balance is disturbed, due to reasons such as douching, high levels of estrogen during pregnancy, use of antibiotics, etc., your vagina may get infected. This condition is known as bacterial vaginosis or BV. Women, in their reproductive years, are most likely to be infected with BV, but that condition can affect women of all age groups.

The symptom of BV includes:
• Burning sensation during urination
• Fishy vaginal odor that gets stronger after intercourse
• Thin, whitish and greenish discharge
• Vaginal itching

What are the risk factors for BV?

Women having multiple sex partners are found to be more prone to BV. The chances of bacterial vaginosis increase in women who have sex with other women. Those who douche their vagina quite often with the cleansing agent also run the risk of catching BV as the practice could lead to the overgrowth of harmful anaerobic bacteria in your vagina. BV can also occur in the women whose natural vaginal pH balance is disturbed due to reasons such as pregnancy, menopause, etc.

Complication of bacterial vaginosis (BV)

If left untreated, BV can develop into a severe condition. A woman can have a pre-term birth and low birth weight, babies. BV infected women are susceptible to sexually transmitted diseases, such as HIV, chlamydia and simplex virus. This condition can in some cases also cause infection of the uterus and increase the risk of infertility. BV infected women have a higher risk of post-surgical infection after procedures, such as a hysterectomy.

When to see a doctor?

See a doctor to confirm your BV condition in the below situations.
• Your vaginal discharge is associated with fishy odor or fever.
• The color, smell and consistency of your discharge changes
• Your symptoms don’t improve with home remedies
• If you have sex with multiple partners

Preventive measures

Some lifestyle changes and home remedies can help improve the symptoms of BV. Use unscented tampons and pads to minimize vaginal inflammation. Don’t douche as the vagina is self-cleaning. Douching won’t clear up a vaginal infection and rather help, in its onset by washing away the good bacteria living in your vagina. Use of a male latex condom will help. Also, limit your sex partners and do not expose yourself to sexually transmitted infections.

Boric acid suppositories and BV

Boric acid has long been known for its medicinal properties and treating skin infections. When used in the form of skin-friendly suppositories, it can help in improving vaginal infections and symptoms. NutraBlast boric acid vaginal suppositories work best as an over-the-counter medication for the treatment of a range of vaginal infections including bacterial vaginosis. If we consider the relationship between boric acid suppositories and BV, you could be assured to get the best outcome in case you have a mild infection. However, be sure that you have bacterial vaginosis or yeast infection only and not some other infection. A prescription drug may be needed to treat other severe forms of vaginal infections. Consult your gynecologist for further course of action.

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