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Are Probiotics Helpful in Vaginal Infection?

Are Probiotics Helpful in Vaginal Infection?

Your body is home to trillions of harmless microorganisms such as fungi, bacteria, and viruses, collectively known as microbiota. Vaginal infection happens when there is an imbalance in this microbiota. Change in vaginal pH and high blood sugar levels can also cause a vaginal yeast infection.

Vaginal infections are itchy and uncomfortable and can be annoying in the least. It is caused by the yeast (fungi) in Candida family, hence they are also known as yeast infections. There are many strains of this yeast, but Candida albicans is the most commonly found present in vaginal infections.

Lifestyle Changes That Could Help

Avoid alcohol; even that red wine feeds the yeast. Cocktails too are high in sugar and yeast loves sugar. Instead, you can try vodka with a squeeze of lime and sparkling water as it will have lower sugar levels.

If you already have a vaginal yeast infection, avoid sex for at least the period while you have symptoms as your vaginal pH can be further imbalanced due to the higher pH of semen. A better approach would be to use a condom during sex, rinse off and insert a suppository vaginally, such as Boric Life. You may want to insert Boric Life suppositories at bedtime to let them do their work while you sleep. The suppositories will dissolve during night time, and you will wake up in the morning feeling refreshed, while that unpleasant smell of a yeast infection becomes unnoticeable.

Probiotics to Relieve the Symptoms

Probiotics are the collection of live microorganisms such as lactobacillus that helps prevent the growth of Candida. Probiotic suppositories can be especially useful if you regularly get a yeast infection. Probiotic vaginal suppositories, when inserted into the vagina for a week or two could prove helpful in relieving you of the symptoms.

Adverse reaction to probiotics is extremely rare. They are already there in your body doing all the good work, so adding more of them wouldn’t be something to worry about.

Be Assured of the Infection Before Treatment

However, before taking on probiotic vaginal suppositories, it’s a good idea to be assured that you have vaginal yeast infection only and not other conditions as bacterial vaginosis or sexually transmitted disease as their symptoms are similar to vaginal yeast infection. So, the possibility of these conditions should be ruled out first. You would be able to recognize a vaginal yeast infection from symptoms once until you had a few of them. If the symptoms do not improve within a week of your taking the feminine hygiene products, see a doctor as you might have a different type of infection that requires a prescription.

You can try NutraBlast Boric Life suppositories and other feminine hygiene products such as suppository applicators and feminine pH test strips. Many women prefer our probiotic vaginal suppositories over antibiotics as the latter kills both harmful bacteria and good bacteria found in our body in equal measure. Moreover, these antibiotics are often overprescribed, that does more harm to our vaginal flora by killing the good bacteria and promoting the growth of yeast and yeast infection. See the instructions on the label to use NutraBlast suppositories to restore your vaginal health.